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When you get my age they're all long stories but this one got rolling Mayish 1956 when my dad talked my mom into well you know and I was born in St. Francis Kansas near the center of the good ol' USofA in February 1957.

My childhood there was idyllic (we had the run of the town from the time we were toddlers as folks reckoned if we wandered off we'd show back up when we were hungry) and to this day I gratefully get back when I can - "There's no place like home".

I've been and lived a few places since and currently my adopted hometown is Pueblo CO which works out very well on a variety of levels - the low cost of living coupled with high quality of life is IME second to none.

Since learning to ride coasting down the hill by Roger Lewis' house I've enjoyed bicycling and got semi-serious about it in the mid 80s before family matters distracted me.

My interest was rekindled in 2016 when a gal I dated in Colorado Springs mentioned; I signed up in June that year and much goodness ensued as my home is ~ 100 meters from the Adventure Cycling Association's Trans Am and Western Express routes.

It was my pleasure hosting about 75 riders since and seeing all those folk having the times of their lives experiencing the world via bicycle gave me the bug, bad, in the best way.

At this writing I'm in idyllic Irwinton GA at the brilliantly conceived and executed Blue Goose On Main hostel (thanks Donna - you and your business partner's vision for cycling in GA can be a template for others worldwide) sorting out the next pedal strokes in this, my inaugural touring adventure: I just wanna get warm (nod to Mark Heard) Fall 2017.

And a hearty southern USofA howdy and welcome to moron world!
The intertubez are an amazing resource but IME all too often become a barrier to real life interaction.

Given that some of the most amazing people I've met face to face I first met electronically I hope that process happens here, in this non-commercial and hopefully cooperative realm of bits and bytes.

Share your stories here! / Re: I just wanna get warm (nod to Mark Heard) Fall 2017
« Last post by grace on October 24, 2017, 03:45:56 PM »
Pueblo CO to The Big Apple or How 30 seconds = 1 day + 3 buses

I was looking back at faded dreams from yesterday
like a brush from my past it painted the evening sky
But I couldn't hold on
the current's so strong
it kept rolling on by
and all of the colors bled into
the river of time

I've ridden Greyhound enough times to know if you miss a bus it could well cost you an entire day so while waiting at the station in Pueblo that mine was late was a bit ominous... but Charlie saw my bike packed up so we chatted and turns out he's from New Orleans and has done some touring himself - cool.

Anyway I missed my connection in Denver by literally 30 seconds and sho 'nuff (practicing my southern murriken) instead of a 42 hour trip on 4 buses it ended up being nearly 3 days and 7 buses but is there a better way to start an adventure than having s*** I mean minor First World problems happen?

Especially as I immediately became angry before I remembered that in the overall scheme of things what's a day?

More to the point on this adventure what's a day?

So I wandered around town a bit and was reminded why I'm no fan of big cities... too much concrete, too many cars and too many people whose nature experience is not exactly expansive.

Home for tonight, sleeping next to my home away from home.

It all became kind of a blur so I think it was in Chicago where I had some time between buses and wandered around following the GPS looking for a Panera I was led to believe existed. Turns out it's a catering center for Panera which doesn't sell at retail but a kind guy took pity on me and gave me a fresh bagel gratis.

May his tribe increase.

The Garmin tells part of the tale.

Final stop for this bus ride: the Port Authority Bus Station in NYC.
Share your stories here! / Re: I just wanna get warm (nod to Mark Heard) Fall 2017
« Last post by grace on October 24, 2017, 07:08:32 AM »
You can do magic!

No no magic could happen to me
Then I saw you

Don't sell yourself short... DAMHIK, about which more elsewhere.

Having hosted scores of touring cyclists from all over the world and traveling vicariously with them I decided to take a ride of my own in the fall of 2017.

Fortunately there are places where you can post a companions wanted listing, and I did - titled as noted and text below

>>Cold dark winters have gotten on my last nerve...

I'm a 60 y/o male with a diverse CV seeking open-minded adventurous companions - let's see some of this ol' world while we can. snip

my hope is to travel warmer climes for at least next winter, roughly from September 2017 to spring 2018... but nothing carved in stone.

I'm much more interested in international but very open to where and a bit on the when... what are your dreams? Are you willing and able to make them happen?

If yes let's start talking and see where we end up!<<
which resulted in a number of interesting responses, the most interesting one being from one Sharon of rural Canada who, as folks go, is one of the most interesting I've had the pleasure to get to know a bit.

Just a bit younger than me, scores major brownie points for being a Bruce Cockburn fan, incredibly independent and a professional chef who has the backbone to live in places like the Yukon feeding scores of guys in isolated mineral exploration camps.

What's not to love?

I'm still kinda pinching myself thinking this is all too cool to be true but I've seen the flight receipt and sure enough on 11.3 she lands in NOLA with her bike ready to be unpacked and head west with me, with no definite agenda other than to enjoy our lives to the max while we head to Mex (ico, that is).

And when I think of where my life could be and where it is I think to my self: self, it just doesn't get better than this, and you did this, with the help of many, all of whom have my heartfelt thanks... words fail.

So at this writing, having ridden solo since mid-September, my plans are to be at NOLA International airport the evening of November 3rd, to welcome to the deep south someone I've yet to meet.

Seems like magic to me!

Given that this adventure hasn't really begun yet I'll post some about what I did between the time I left Pueblo and when wheels touch down in gnawlins.
Share your stories here! / Re: I just wanna get warm (nod to Mark Heard) Fall 2017
« Last post by grace on October 24, 2017, 06:56:46 AM »
A Dream Like Mine

Today I dream of how it used to be
Things were different before
The picture shifts to how it's going to be
Balance restored

In 1993 while rummaging through a CD cut-out bin in a Malwart store I found Bruce Cockburn's _Live_ album and before you knew it my life was headed in an almost completely opposite direction from where it had been - here was this amazing guy I'd never heard of who spoke words which went to my core like no other singer/songwriter/Human ever had.

And soon after when I signed up to the Humans (Bruce fans) internet mailing list (now a Yahoo Group but then on a server in someone's kitchen... hi, Darci, wherever you are now and thanks!) it only got better: I was able to interact with folk from all over the globe who broadened my horizons in so many ways... it has been a great pleasure of my life to meet many IRL and without exception they are good peoples. :nod

Plus I kept hearing about other musicians, such as Mark Heard who died all too soon; it happens.

Least I can do is try to make his memory eternal so here is this thread.
Share your stories here! / I just wanna get warm (nod to Mark Heard) Fall 2017
« Last post by grace on October 23, 2017, 10:55:25 AM »
Don't be a jerk. / Don't be a jerk.
« Last post by grace on October 23, 2017, 10:21:45 AM »
We morons prefer inclusivity and to be easy going but jerks rile us, so don't.

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